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SculpSure Fat Reduction Treatment

So, you’ve been hitting the gym, adjusting your diet and making lifestyle changes to get in shape. But you’re still not getting the results you’re looking for. This situation has led to more than one person giving up on diet and exercise altogether. But before you scrap all your hard work and effort, give SculpSure in NYC a try. SculpSure provides the results that encourage you to continue making positive lifestyle choices.

  • Are you ready to throw in the towel after working so hard to get the body you want? Are you resigned to accept that certain areas of your body are doomed to flabbiness? Forget about that kind of thinking! SculpSure delivers results to the most stubborn areas of your body!
  • Are you concerned about the SculpSure cost? SculpSure in NYC has never been more accessible. Don’t settle for so-so when just a little effort can give you the confidence you need to succeed. It’s so simple, safe and effective. Come in for a total body assessment and see how we can work within your budget
  • Have you heard about SculpSure vs. CoolSculpting, but you’re not sure which might be best for your stubborn fat? Are you looking for a doctor who promises to give you the skinny about body treatments? Find a specialist who puts your safety and your goals first at ReBalance NY weight loss clinic.

The body contour you desire is within your reach!

Listen Up!

SculpSure is the first FDA-approved laser treatment for fat reduction. This completely non-invasive method to eliminate fat is revolutionizing the entire industry. SculpSure before and after pictures are remarkable. Come in to see examples for yourself.

No matter how much you work out, there are certain stubborn areas of your body that just seem resistant to slimming. And it may seem that you’re just stuck with specific fat pockets forever. These areas can be different from person to person, but typically include:

  • Upper abdominal area
  • Lower abdominals
  • Flanks or love handles
  • Lower back
  • Thighs
  • Under your chin

When it comes to comparing SculpSure vs. CoolSculpting, another fat reduction treatment, you’re sure to notice some significant differences. Each SculpSure treatment typically takes less than a half hour to complete and has little to no downtime. And the targeted nature of laser technology ensures that your problem areas are the focus of each treatment.

SculpSure in NYC

As with all laser treatments, you need to be sure that you’re in the hands of licensed and qualified professionals. Unlike CoolSculpting, which freezes fat, SculpSure laser treatments use heat to eliminate specific fat cells. The light produced by the laser reaches temperatures of 107.6 F to 116.6 F, which is just hot enough to melt your fat cells while not damaging any other tissues.

You’re sure to notice a difference with SculpSure before and after. Deciding between SculpSure vs. CoolSculpting depends on your goals. CoolSculpting is ideal for larger areas of your body while SculpSure works best for targeted stubborn fat pockets.

How Does It Feel?

Slight pinching or tingling sensations have been reported during the heating process. But no numbing agents or anesthesia are necessary. Some areas, like your abs, may be more sensitive than others. But discomfort is minimal, and most men are able to relax, read or even sleep through the treatments in the NYC ReBalance clinic. Minor stiffness or bruising afterward is normal, nothing to be concerned about.

Depending on the area and the density of your fat, you may require between one and four treatments, generally spaced six to 12 weeks apart. In the weeks following each treatment, your lymph system does the rest of the work by naturally flushing out the melted fat cells with the rest of your body’s waste.

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Exploring Your Options

As with most cosmetic treatments, SculpSure cost can vary based on your location. Typical SculpSure cost ranges from $1200 to more than $1500. But its more-than-90 percent rate of reported satisfaction is astonishingly high for any cosmetic procedure. The costs are a value and investment in your self-esteem and in your future.

Working with the experts at ReBalance takes all of the uncertainty out of the procedure. Your specialist works with you to determine a custom plan of treatment specifically targeted to your individual needs. Together, you figure out the best way to achieve the results that you’re after.

Continue Staying Healthy

There’s nothing wrong with giving your body some extra help by eliminating fat from your problem areas. But continued diet and exercise are still the best ways to ensure your long-term health and fitness goals. Your ReBalance team can help you with that too, through services such as:

Complement your diet and exercise plan with spot fat removal!