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Physical Fitness and Exercise Readiness Quiz

Physical Fitness and Exercise Readiness Test


1. "No pain, no gain." Is it True that it's OK to exercise through pain?

2. Which is the most balanced exercise plan?

3. Do your cardio exercises before your strength training?

4. What's the toughest workout?

5. Thirty minutes of straight exercise is better than 10 minutes three times a day.

6. You should warm up every time you exercise and cool down afterward.

7. What target heart rate should you aim for during cardio?

8. Water is always better than sports drinks.

9. Everyone needs to check with their doctor before starting an exercise program.

10. When you lift weights, you should feel the burn, and tire out your muscles.

11. You can target specific parts of your body to lose weight.

12. Which "mind-body" exercise can improve your fitness?

13. It's better to work out in the morning than in the afternoon or evening.

14. What will a good warmup do?

15. What's the best time to stretch your muscles?

16. Previous injury is the #1 predictor of future injury.

17. If your knees hurt while you squat, it mean squatting is bad for your knees and you should stop squatting.

18. What''s the exact cause of muscle cramps?