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Frozen Shoulder Quiz

Frozen Shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) Self Diagnosis Test

What is your biological sex?

Have you been diagnosed or do you believe you have any of the following? (Diabetes, thyroid condition, adrenal stress, testosterone imbalance, hormonal imbalance)

Did your current symptoms began immediately or shortly after a shoulder sprain or injury?

Do you have difficulty doing any one of the following activities? (putting on a shirt or jacket; washing your hair as you normally would with both hand; doing up a bra from the back; putting your hands on your hips; none of the above actions pose any difficulty to me)

Do you experience persistent neck and upper back pain and stiffness only on one side?

Did you have a sudden onset of shoulder pain or stiffness without any history of trauma?

As per picture ( raising your arms to the side) were you able to raise your arms more than 90 degree without tilting your body with it?

As per picture (putting your arms in 'I surrender' position) were you able to get both arms up and back equally?

As per picture (reaching behind your back one arm at the time) where are you unable to reach up behind your back or did you feel any pain in the front or back of your shoulder?