Chiropractic Treatment/Chiropractic Rehabilitation

If you’ve been injured playing sports, you can get advanced chiropractic care at ReBalance in New York City. If you tweaked your back, you have neck pain or you’re experiencing limited range in your shoulder or hips, chiropractic rehabilitation can set you right again. At ReBalance, we use a unique soft tissue, spinal and joint mobilization/manipulation and stretching therapy as part of your chiropractic adjustment.

  • Are you suffering from musculoskeletal pain? Pain is your body’s way of telling you something’s wrong. Put your body in the capable hands of chiropractic care. Whether your pain is in the back or in a joint, chiropractic treatments make the necessary adjustments to get you out of pain and keep you pain-free.
  • For athletes, dancers and musicians, performance chiropractic treatments increase your range of motion, improve your flexibility and overpower muscle weaknesses. A chiropractor in NYC can also help you get over an injury more quickly. See other benefits of chiropractic care.

Did you know that a chiropractic adjustment can resolve fatigue issues and a general lack of energy? It’s true! Advanced chiropractic care helps your body work more efficiently, leaving you with more energy during the day. Schedule your appointment today.

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Why Have a Chiropractic Adjustment for Your Pain

If you’ve been injured and your pain is affecting your day-to-day life, chiropractic adjustment and rehabilitation may be your best option. Advanced chiropractic techniques reduce your recovery time, strengthen your muscles and prevent further injury. Chiropractic treatment also helps you avoid a surgical procedure.

A chiropractic adjustment or a chiropractic massage isn’t just for back issues, either. Find a chiropractor in NYC if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Burning sensations
  • Throbbing, shooting or stinging pain
  • Perpetual soreness or a dull ache
  • Stiffness that hinders everyday activities
  • Sleeping concerns
  • Waking up with pain
  • Fatigue and a lack of energy

Sports injuries, accidents or illnesses can leave you in severe pain. Your chiropractor in NYC works to rehabilitate you with treatments combining appropriate exercises and chiropractor adjustment. The combination returns you to pain-free days.

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The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

When you combine chiropractic massage, performance chiropractic manipulation, a proper exercise regimen and chiropractic adjustments, you benefit with overall health. The manipulation of your body improves your blood circulation, which has all kinds of health benefits. Other ways a skilled chiropractor helps your health include:

  • Releasing tightened or binding muscles for greater movement and flexibility
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Reducing or eliminating pain associated with spasms, inflammation or scar tissue
  • Quickening your recovery from a sports injury

The chiropractic care practiced at ReBalance has its roots in eastern Europe. It’s a manual therapy that focuses on performance chiropractic rehabilitation. These techniques were practiced at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics and put to good use by the international medical staff.

Chiropractic Treatment Options in New York City

At ReBalance, your chiropractor in NYC has a litany of possible procedures to fit your body’s requirements:

  • Working with joint chiropractic techniques, which help rehabilitate an injured joint
  • Rehabilitation chiropractic treatment to reduce your recovery time from an injury
  • Performance chiropractic care, which — along with directed exercises — increases your strength and stamina for sports, dance and other performing arts
  • Chiropractic massage to relax the muscles around a joint, which allows for better results from chiropractic manipulation
  • Recommended core training exercises, which help your flexibility and strength in a managed way

These services help treat your pain with pinpoint accuracy. The most advanced chiropractic techniques include educating you about proper exercise, posture and pain management.

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In Between Visits

The number of sessions you need depends on the condition being treated and the extent of your pain. Progressive and painless exercises combined with performance chiropractic manipulation and chiropractic massage provide you the most benefit and shortest recovery time.

In between visits, though, you’re sent home with an exercise treatment plan. Adhering to this plan as recommended ensures strong muscles, flexibility and improved mobility of your joints. Your chiropractor in NYC combines strengthening and stretching exercises, teaching you the correct techniques to build on the benefits of the active performance chiropractic techniques.

Caring for You Today and Tomorrow

Delivering personalized treatment based on your individual needs is the joint chiropractic team’s specialty. Your chiropractor in NYC considers all aspects of your well-being regarding overall health, pain, and other symptoms. Treatment options usually follow the most conservative methods first.

Regular chiropractic care can keep you healthy and moving properly, which helps you avoid injury in the future. Advanced chiropractic techniques are available through ReBalance 360, an executive health program.  ReBalance 360 focuses on your total mind and body health.

Advanced chiropractic care is available in NYC!