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Adrenal Quiz

Have you experienced any of these symptoms in the last 2 months?


I get dizzy when changing position from a sitting or lying to standing

I have difficulty getting up in the morning even if I have adequate sleep

I usually get a second wind and feel better after 6 pm in the evening

I have difficulty falling asleep

I often wake up during the night and have difficulty falling asleep

Exercising makes me more tired soon after or the next day

I have dark circles under my eyes, which get worse in the morning

I have chronically a low blood pressure

If I miss a meal I become shaky and frustrated

I crave mostly sugars and sweets

I can't function in the morning unless I drink stimulants such as coffee or tea

I feel much better when I eat high fat containing food

I get sick with flu and cold more than 2 times per year

I recover from illnesses in a very long time

I have a history of very stressful experience in my life

I become overly anxious when faced with stressful situations

It takes me a long time to recover from stressful event