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Integrative Medicine And
Anti-Aging Center

  • ReBalance Anti-Aging center is the best Holistic Wellness, Functional and Integrative Clinic located in the heart of New York City.
  • We believe in an integrative approach that evaluates you as a whole, identifies a root cause of the disease and alleviates not only the symptoms but the sickness itself.
  • Rebalance Center is led by Leaders in Integrative Medicine & Holistic Health -Dr. Arkady Lipnitsky and Dr. Natalya Fazylova.
  • Our team of the best holistic health practitioners combined their expertise to create a revolutionary program that diagnoses and treats the most challenging chronic conditions.
  • Combining the latest and cutting-edge technology with our unique approach, we offer natural treatment for Hormonal Imbalances, Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Memory and Concentration Problems, Hair Loss, Weight Loss and much more.
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Take Control of Your Health

Stop feeling trapped in your body and start feeling like a happier, more energized you with ReBalance.

Find Your Program

Our Office

Is Equipped with advanced technology

Dr. Arkady Aaron, Dr. Natalya Fazylova and our experienced staff at our leading NYC ReBalance Clinic look forward to assisting you with discreet, personalized care to meet your medical and aesthetic needs. Our standard of excellence ensures personalized care from a board-certified team of nurses, aestheticians and laser specialists trained in multiple sub-specialities to provide our clinically proven proprietary holistic health in a friendly and compassionate environment.

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Tailor-Made Treatments, Just for You

Women and men were designed with different biological components, so shouldn’t doctors design different treatments for each? At ReBalance, we address a variety of concerns that women and men face and create customized treatments to solve your sometimes gender-specific problems.


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Sergio M.

“One of the worst times in my life was three years ago. I experienced severe lower back pain. To make a long story short, I had herniated disks. It happened while I was fighting, which I still do. I was wrestling with a guy who was a little heavier than I was. I picked him up and I underestimated him. Basically, I ended up the wrong way and he ended up falling on top of me. Arkady Lipnitsky saved me. This is the best sports injury clinic in Brooklyn. Thank you, Dr. Lipnitsky. You are the best!”

ReBalance Your Life

The ReBalance 360 program is a full body and brain assessment that evaluates the entirety of your health.

Unlike other doctors who specialize in only one treatment area, we take a holistic approach to medicine by examining entire systems within the body that might not be functioning properly. We evaluate your health completely and put a customized plan in place for you to address concerns that arise during the process.

Our ReBalance 360 program will improve your vitality and increase your life expectancy. The three-step process is actually quite simple.

Our team:

  • Analyzes your overall physical and mental health
  • Corrects the imbalances in your physiology
  • Prevents future problems in a personalized, holistic approach

Learn About Rebalance Method

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leaders in holistic health

Leaders In Holistic Health & Integrative Medicine

Meet your healthcare dream team: Dr. Arkady Aaron Lipnitsky and Dr. Natalya Fazylova.

As a chiropractic and functional movement specialist, Dr. Lipnitsky has been named one of the Top Doctors in New York for four years in a row. With Dr. Lipnitsky’s unique approach to regenerative medicine, pain management and chronic musculoskeletal issues, he has helped his patients find pill-free ways to handle pain management and avoid surgical procedures that other doctors have thought to be inevitable.

Dr. Natalya Fazylova is a renowned holistic health and integrative medicine practitioner who specializes in bringing together Eastern and Western medicinal philosophies to help her patients. Dr. Fazylova focuses on finding the root cause of her patient’s health issues to promote overall well-being and longevity.

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A Complete Approach to Wellness
Our dedicated programs tackle a system
of health complications rather than
individual issues.

All of the ReBalance programs were designed to treat a variety of conditions, but they require you to commit to your health and wellness in a more profound way than simply scheduling a la carte appointments. Our most popular programs include:


Weight Loss & Body Shaping Program

This program was created to help those struggling to lose weight, but have found that nothing seems to work. Through a comprehensive consultation, the ReBalance team identifies any biological or genetic reasons behind the weight loss struggle and puts a detailed plan in place to help you work through it and finally take the weight off.


Hair Loss & Hair
Regeneration Program

If you’ve been struggling with hair loss and don’t know where to turn next, ReBalance has the solution. Through a combination of nutrition modification, hormone replacement therapy and PRP injections, our hair regeneration program will bring back your hair and restore your confidence.

Turning 40 Beyond

In Your Prime: Turning
40 & Beyond

When you feel good, turning 40 doesn’t have to be a scary prospect. Face this new chapter in your life proactively and positively by letting the ReBalance team help you get ahead of aches, pains, hair loss, skin issues, and more with this comprehensive roadmap to celebrating the best years ahead.


ResErect Your
Sexual Health

Getting old doesn’t have to be your new normal. You can find many hormone treatments through the ReBalance 360 program, including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Become a member of the exclusive Executive Health Program from ReBalance 360, and you can revitalize your hormones to get back the spark you’ve been missing.

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You start the Rebalance 360 program by detoxifying your body and finding your ideal weight. Changing your diet moves you toward both goals. Man and Woman lose weight in distinctive ways, and everyone has different weight loss goals. You get a personalized plan.

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2. Rebalance

When you’re out of balance, your mind and body aren’t communicating. If you don’t make the healthiest choices, you won’t get the nutrients your body and brain crave. Learn healthier eating and lifestyle habits. Women  and men improve your nutrition to get healthier.


3. Regenerate

Before you can increase your strength, endurance and flexibility, you must repair the physical damage. Then movement optimization becomes a means to a healthier body and mind. Both men and women can build muscle, strengthen joints and regain flexibility.


4. Revitalize

Nutrition and exercise alone can’t increase your longevity. Optimize your hormones to help your body operate more smoothly and provide your brain more concentration power. Women and men have unique hormone needs, sexual issues and cognitive health concerns.

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5. Rejuvenate

While you’re becoming healthier on the inside, it’s time to look and feel your best on the outside with aesthetic treatments that put the finishing touches on your healthy new life. Look as young as you feel! Men and wmen have cosmetic needs that don’t always overlap.

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Lucia P.

“I can live, breath and walk again without pain, thanks to Dr. Lipnitsky’s knowledge and magical hands.”


ReBalance Your Life

To get the most out of the ReBalance 360 program, follow the guidance and advice of your doctors. The Five Pillars of Health rely on integrative medicine — focused on getting you healthy and keeping you healthy. The patient-centered care within ReBalance 360 puts you at the center of attention.

Remember… the most important thing you’ll ever invest in is your health.
You’re worth it. Join today to change your life.

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