Longevity Isn’t Enough
Live Longer and Healthier!

Everyone wants to live longer, but no one wants to lose their physical or cognitive abilities. There is a way to feel younger, even as you get older. Now it’s possible to MAINTAIN YOUR STRENGTH, ENERGY AND VITALITY as you age!

The ReBalance 360 program marries leading-edge medical research with holistic health care for the BEST, MOST PERSONALIZED APPROACH to getting and staying healthy. It’s called 360 because it offers wellness from every angle.

Following several comprehensive tests, you receive an individualized plan to SLOW AND OFTEN REVERSE the effects of aging. Integrative health care in NYC, through the ReBalance 360 program, treats your whole being, not your symptoms.

Are you ready to FEEL YOUNGER AND LIVE LONGER? Partner with us for a journey to optimal health. Fight back against age-related symptoms with guidance and support from a knowledgeable medical team. Start living again!

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Dr. Lipnitsky (DC, DACRB, CICE)

“Men and women have different hormone balances, organ interaction systems, different symptoms, conditions, diseases, and ways of their treatment. That is exactly why we divided Rebalance into two programs.”


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The Five Pillars of Health: What You Need to Thrive

To be able to run a marathon at age 92 like Gladys Burrill or publish your first book at 64 like Laura Ingalls Wilder, you need optimal physical and mental health. The ReBalance 360 program — developed by integrative health care and functional medicine practitioners Dr. Natalya Fazylova, DNP and Dr. Arkady Lipnitsky, DC — leads you on a journey from where you are now to where you want to be, using five interlocking approaches to achieve complete, vibrant health:


You start the Rebalance 360 program by detoxifying your body and finding your ideal weight. Changing your diet moves you toward both goals. Man and Woman lose weight in distinctive ways, and everyone has different weight loss goals. You get a personalized plan.

2. Rebalance

When you’re out of balance, your mind and body aren’t communicating. If you don’t make the healthiest choices, you won’t get the nutrients your body and brain crave. Learn healthier eating and lifestyle habits. Women  and men improve your nutrition to get healthier.

3. Regenerate

Before you can increase your strength, endurance and flexibility, you must repair the physical damage. Then movement optimization becomes a means to a healthier body and mind. Both men and women can build muscle, strengthen joints and regain flexibility.

4. Revitalize

Nutrition and exercise alone can’t increase your longevity. Optimize your hormones to help your body operate more smoothly and provide your brain more concentration power. Women and men have unique hormone needs, sexual issues and cognitive health concerns.

5. Rejuvenate

While you’re becoming healthier on the inside, it’s time to look and feel your best on the outside with aesthetic treatments that put the finishing touches on your healthy new life. Look as young as you feel! Men and wmen have cosmetic needs that don’t always overlap.

Dr. Fazylova (DNP, ANP-BC, BCIM)

“Latest tech innovations help to increase life expectancy by 10-20 years compared to those used in the early 2000s, but the outdated US healthcare system is not keeping pace with technology”

Challenging the health
care paradigm

The existing model of medical health care in the United States is crisis managements: get a diagnoosis and find a doctor to fix it. But if you’re continually dealing with one crisis after another, you have no time to learn how to prevent them. By assessing your health in all its complexity, you can improve your vitality and increase your life expectancy.

Rebalance in New York City matches leading-edge research with practical health care. It’s a comprehensive approach to integrative health. The process to accomplish this revolutionary care in NYC is decetively simple:

  • Analyze your overall health
  • Correct the imbalances in your physiology
  • Prevent future problems in a personalized, holistic approach

“Choose healthcare that will prolong your life, not only help in case of emergencies.”

Choose A Program Fore Me

It's all about you at Rebalance 360

Nothing is more personal than your health. Your physician takes the time to get to know you. And that conversation is a two-way street; ask your doctor questions, too! Discover what you as an individual need to attain optimal health.

Your physician uses all available knowledge, skills and technologies to get you out of pain and back to a satisfying quality of life. Instead of following the conveyer-belt version of medical care established by your insurance company, your ReBalance doctor customizes your care to your unique health needs and goals.

Joint and Muscle

Executive Health
Screening and Analysis

Nutrition and Lifestyle

Longevity and
Disease Prevention

Non-Surgical Hair, Skin
And Body Rejuvenation

Detoxification and
Weight Loss

Brain Function

Sexual Health

Hormonal Imbalance

Dr. Fazylova (DNP, ANP-BC, BCIM)

We decided not to wait until the US healthcare system changes. We have created our own system. And it works. The way our patients want it to work”

Rebalance 360
Membership Benefits

With a preferred membership in Rebalance 360, you get access to holistic health care in NYC. Integrative health care includes your body, mind and lifestyle. Your benefits include:

  • 24/7 access to doctors — you can contact them by private phone, text or email
  • No long waits, and emergencies take priority — same-day or next-business-day appointments available
  • The consultation time you need — longer, unhurried appointments that always start on time.

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Helping You on Your Path
to Optimal Health and Longevity

Our staff takes care of your health concerns regardless of when they arise. You’re never left waiting. Someone is always there for you to focus on your health as you engage the Five Pillars of Health.

Concierge services coordinate specialist appointments as well. For example, your doctor, chiropractor and physical therapist work together to help you manage your risk factors to avoid future crises. Your doctor helps you achieve your personalized goals by making changes in your:

  • Repetitive daily activities
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Specific exercise regimens
  • Plans to help you prevent future illness
  • Tactics to help you reach your wellness goals

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Ask our doctors and they will get
in touch with you in 24 hours

ReBalance Your Life

To get the most out of the ReBalance 360 program, follow the guidance and advice of your doctors. The Five Pillars of Health rely on integrative medicine — focused on getting you healthy and keeping you healthy. The patient-centered care within ReBalance 360 puts you at the center of attention.

Remember… the most important thing you’ll ever invest in is your health.
You’re worth it. Join today to change your life.

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